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Why Does My Dog Dig at the Bed?

Dogs bring joy and happiness to your home. You spend hours playing with these lovely pets and even shop for stuff to make them feel comfortable. Probably, you buy dog beds to give them their personal space. However, you’d notice that, after some time, this piece of pet furniture will be in tatters due to […]

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Best Dog Bed for German Shepherds

There are a lot of dog bed choices out there, but every dog owner would know that as the size of your dog grows bigger, the list of options also grows shorter. This is the reason why, as dog lovers, we have decided to share with you our favorite picks for the best dog bed […]

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How to Wash a Dog Bed With Stuffing

A dog is man’s best friend. Living with a dog means you have a companion to share life with during your sad and happy moments in a judgment-free way. For all the unconditional love and undivided attention they give, dogs don’t ask for much in return. If you’re a pet parent, you probably feed, wash, […]

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Best Dog Beds for 2019

You probably spend most of your time in your bed than anywhere else and consider a high-quality mattress an essential purchase. You are not the only one who deserves a supportive and comfortable bed – your dog does too. Your dog needs a comfortable place to sleep at night, and providing them with a bed […]

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