Benefits of Interactive Dog Toys

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Toys are of course fun, both for humans and dogs alike; there is simply no denying that. However, there are different types of toys out there. Some are great for destroying and ripping apart, some for throwing and fetching, and others for stimulating the brain and providing a bit of a challenge.

There is a reason why there are interactive dog toys, just like for kids too, and it is because they come with a good number of benefits. Interactive dog toys, while obviously not super complex, because, well, they are dogs, do provide somewhat of a challenge, in one way or another, and  stimulate the brain. So, what are the benefits of interactive dog toys and why is it a good idea to get your dog some of them?

They are Lots of Fun

Before we get into some of the bigger mental benefits of interactive dog toys, it is important to note that they are fun. It might depend on the dog in question, as some dogs, like hunting dogs, prefer just shredding things, but there are other dogs which prefer more mental stimulation.

In other words, just like some humans enjoy solving puzzles, some dogs enjoy doing the same. No, they can’t put together a jigsaw puzzle or anything like that, but they do have the ability to solve simple puzzles or challenges, and some dogs have a lot of fun doing so. You want your dog to be happy, have fun, and be occupied, so why not go for an interactive dog toy?

Keeping Pups Busy

If you have an active and energetic dog, you know how much trouble they can get into. Some dogs constantly want to play and don’t let you get a second of peace. Some dogs like to rip up the garden and dig holes everywhere. Some dogs simply love to roam around the house and chew apart anything that seems like it needs destroying.

Of course, as a dog owner, this is not appreciated, especially if you have nice shoes you would rather wear sans teeth holes. Good, interactive dog toys can keep your dog busy for hours. It’s a challenge to solve and hopefully it will take a good deal of time to solve it, therefore keeping your dog out of trouble, and keeping your shoes safe too.

They Can Help Prevent Dementia in Older Dogs

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of interactive dog toys is that they can help stave of mental degradation due to old age. Dementia, memory loss, and other such mental issues associated with old age don’t affect just humans.

These things can be big problems for dogs as well. Interactive dog toys force your dog to think and solve some sort of problem; it forces your dog to use their brain to get something done, and using the brain will keep them sharp well into old age. These are toys that can keep their minds sharp and stop them from going, well, senile, for a lack of a better term.

Great for Weight Management and Sensitive Stomachs

There are lots of dogs out there which have sensitive stomachs, and something that can trigger this is eating too fast. Dogs that have sensitive stomachs and then eat too fast will often end up throwing up all over the place, which is of course not good at all, neither for the dog or for your floors. However, an interactive food puzzle, more or less a food dish with lots of ridges and odd patterns in it, causes the dog to slow down when eating, and therefore is beneficial for sensitive stomachs.

On that same note, eating slower also comes with another big time benefit — healthy weight management. There are many dogs out there that are overweight, and just like humans, it’s not healthy. If you didn’t know, eating fast causes you to feel full much sooner longer than if you eat slowly. If you, or your dog, eats slowly, they will feel fuller for longer, therefore eating less, allowing them to cut back some pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

Lots of Exercise

Everybody and everything on this planet needs exercise in order to stay healthy, to have fun, to be mentally healthy, to maintain good blood pressure and weight, and more. The problem today with owning dogs is that many people don’t have the time or will to go for long walks multiple times per day. Many people also live in apartments, where getting ample amounts of exercise is not easy or possible.

Did you know that most dogs need around 2.5 hours of exercise per day, some a bit less, and some a lot more? For instance, a dog such as a Huskie needs upwards of 4 hours of exercise a day to remain happy and healthy. A good interactive dog toy can provide may hours of exercise. It may not be the most intensive exercise out there, but it does keep them more active at the very least.

Helps Prevent Anxiety

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from anxiety and depression, which can be due to a number of reasons. The point here is that keeping busy, getting exercise, and using their brains are all things which can help prevent conditions like anxiety from developing, and it can help relieve such existing conditions.


The bottom line is that there are a great number of benefits associated with interactive toys for dogs. They help provide some exercise, and they can help maintain a healthy weight too. They help stop stomachs from being upset, they keep your pups busy, and they can help save your shoes too!

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