Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic Dogs? –Info for Allergy Sufferers

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French bulldogs are cutely small, affectionate, friendly, and clownish, always trying to entertain, which makes them adorable, to say the least. They are easy to take care of because they don’t need a lot of exercise and thrive in the company of people.

Unfortunately, pets trigger allergic reactions in a significant number of people who would love their companionship but are hypersensitive. Therefore, they are always on the lookout for pets that are not likely to cause flare-ups of allergies. These pets are collectively categorized as hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic dog breeds are ideal for these sensitive people and those who live around them. If you fall in this category and you are a Frenchie lover, you should stick around and find out if and how you can bring them home and live with them.

Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic?

The simple answer is no. French bulldogs are not hypoallergenic.

They have short hair, which is easy to clean and maintain and shed less than many other dog breeds. This gives them a lower ranking for dogs that can trigger allergic reactions. They, however, shed a bit more during spring and fall because they lose their undercoat in the course of these seasons.

You need to increase the frequency of brushing your pup at this time to get rid of the excess hair and avoid matting. The short hair is also tough and will easily catch pet dander. It is not the best dog if you have a history of severe allergies in the home.

The Frenchie’s Achilles’ heel is also its tendency to slobber all over the place. The saliva has proteins that might induce allergies depending on your susceptibility.

A 100% hypoallergenic dog is, however, a myth. For any pet to be classified as hypoallergenic, they should lack all capacity to induce an allergic reaction.

Why You Need a Hypoallergenic Dog

If you have never experienced an allergic reaction to a dog before, there are symptoms you should be looking out for. A sudden bout of sneezing and/ or coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, or nasal congestion should raise your alarm. It can also manifest as a stuffy or runny nose, watery, itchy, or red eyes, and skin rashes. Unfortunately, this is too much trouble to deal with daily.

Allergies are often reactions to proteins found in the skin, saliva, urine, and feces. Dead skin becomes flaky and turns to pet dander. All these get caught in the fur, which is the chief carrier.

Dogs are super distributors of allergens due to a combination of flaky skin, periodic shedding of fur, and slobbering tendencies. They also collect external allergens like pollen, spores, or mold in their fur and skin when they venture outdoors. This is aggravated by their adorable friendliness and loyalty, which they like to express by flinging themselves at you whenever you walk into a room and when you are just playing.

If the household has a history of severe allergic reactions, you should steer clear of these sneeze magnets. If they are mild to moderate, you may consider keeping one.

Hypoallergenic dog

Test the Waters

Spending time around someone who owns a Frenchie is a good idea as it will help you gauge the extent of your reaction before you get your own. If members of the household already suffer from allergies, you should consult your doctor before selecting any dog breed.

However, the severity of the reaction will depend on the specific dog (not the entire breed) and the specific individual. People have different reactions to different allergens.

It is advisable to visit and have an up-close interaction with the pup you intend to bring home for at least an hour before investing your emotions and resources. This way, you can tell in advance if there will be any allergic reactions and whether you can manage the symptoms.

If you survive this orientation without your eyes streaming, sneezing, coughing, and your skin is not irritated, it may just be the Frenchie for you.

Combating Allergic Reactions

Below are some methods of reducing exposure to allergens by your French bulldog to improve the quality of your lives together if you are an allergy sufferer.


Brush your pup as often as you can to scrub off dirt, dead skin, and loose fur. This keeps the dog’s coat and skin healthy and clean and can lessen your allergy symptoms.

Rubber brushes are preferred because they are non-irritating and gentle on the pet, and their massaging bristles are soothing. Your Frenchie will protest less and may even start to enjoy the ritual allowing you to make it regular.

Give Your Dog Regular Baths

They present opportunities to apply dog shampoos that nowadays double up as exfoliating agents, facilitating the removal of dead skin. They also have moisturizing properties and antioxidants, which contribute to healthy skin and coats.

Consequently, there will be less shedding and development of dander. Use your brush to facilitate shampoo lathering and get the product deeper and closer to the skin.

Bathing will also get rid of dirt and other allergens the dog might have collected outdoors. You will enjoy cuddling more because they consistently smell nice; most shampoos have a fragrance that takes care of the dog odor.

Keep Them Off the Furniture

Don’t allow them to sleep on your bed or sofa if you are prone to allergies. They will definitely leave dander, loose hair, and drool which we have established are triggers. Vacuum regularly and wash fabrics that the dog comes into contact with.

Drape the Bulldog

It may sound strange and is not common, but having your Frenchie wearing a shirt will reduce dander accumulation and protect you from the allergens it may be carrying on its body. The problem is getting them to wear the clothes in the first place.

Clear the Air

Get a specialized air purifier like this LEVOIT air purifier with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter for home allergies designed to trap allergens like dander, pet hair, and lint eliminates pet odors.

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Frenchies are a welcome addition to any household, and it is very unfortunate that some of us might not get an opportunity to have them as companions for health reasons. Unfortunately, they are not a hypoallergenic dog breed and may trigger extreme reactions in sensitive people with severe allergies.

The silver lining is that there are ways to have a happy experience with a slobbering French bulldog, even during shedding season if you are already smothered. It just requires a bit more effort.

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