Do Beagles Shed Much & How to Control It

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Shedding is a major concern for aspiring pet parents, no matter what the dog breed. Some are fine with heavy shedders, but for those with allergies, heavy shedders are not the best pet to have. That is why if people want to have a beagle as a canine companion, they always ask one question. Do beagles shed?

With a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years and their affection for children, beagles are one of the most popular breeds in the world to have at home. But, before diving into that pet-parent mode and getting this charming little pooch, know some facts about beagle shedding and how to control hair loss first.

Understanding Beagle Coats

Beagles are known to have a double coat. The breed is made for hunting in the countryside. They needed to adapt to the cold and wet weather of the English countryside. Thus, they were bred to have a two-layer coat.

A beagle’s undercoat keeps it warm with its soft and dense characteristics. Meanwhile, the outercoat is composed of tightly-packed and coarse hair. The outercoat is water-resistant too.

Beagles are classified as having moderate shedding for most of the year. However, they are known to shed more during shedding season, or springtime. They need to shed off the dense coat they have grown during the winter months that helped protect them from harsh cold elements. This is also a beagle’s way to prepare for the summer heat as the shedding thins out their coat.

Do Beagles Shed?

Some people thought that beagles do not shed dog hair because they have such short coats. However, beagles do shed. Due to a beagles coat being so short, it is hard to see the loose hair if you do not look closely at your surroundings.

Why Do Beagles Shed?

Beagles shed because it is part of their nature. All dogs shed, though the amount of loose hair varies. Shedding is natural for dogs because it helps them regulate their body temperatures. The coats protect the dog’s skin from harsh external elements, such as heat and cold. It also protects them from the sun’s rays as well as the chilly snow. Without their coats, dogs cannot withstand these extreme temperatures.

But why do beagles shed their coats if their coats protect them? Just like human skin requires the removal of dead skin cells to generate new cells, dogs follow a similar pattern. The beagles coat gets damaged and grows old too. Thus, it is only natural for them to shed these old and damaged loose fur to help grow a new and healthy coat.

When Do Beagles Shed?

As earlier said, beagles shed more in springtime than any other season of the year. But to better understand the cycle of beagle shedding, here is a short rundown of its process:

  • The Anagen Phase, the phase where new hair growth begins.
  • The Catagen Phase, the new hair naturally stops growing upon reaching the desired length.
  • The Telogen Phase, the stagnant phase where the hair is neither growing nor shedding.
  • The Exogen Phase, the stage where the hair starts to fall out naturally.

Now, you might wonder why beagles shed all year-round if there are specific phases in hair growth. Growing and losing hair is a continuous cycle for the entire year. There is no starting date for the hair to grow and no specific date for it to shed. One cannot even pinpoint when the hair started growing since coat growth transitions rapidly from the Anagen Phase to the Exogen Phase.

Other factors can also affect the cycle of hair growth, which, in turn, affects the shedding. Things such as diet, breed, grooming frequency, and health are just some that can relatively influence the strength and vigor of a beagle’s coat.

Moreover, daylight hours and temperatures directly affect a beagle’s coat thickness, especially since they have a double coat. Thick coats grow when less daylight happens, and the temperature drops, as evidenced during the winter months. On the other hand, it starts to lose loose fur during spring when the sun stays out longer, and the temperature is warmer.

Beagles may also shed more during the fall season as the body prepares for the winter season by getting rid of old hairs.

Tips on How to Control Beagle Shedding

beagle with Big pile of dog hair and which brush

As a pet parent of a beagle, you need to manage its shedding. There are different ways in which you can help control the shedding.

Start with Proper Grooming

Grooming should start as early as the beagle’s puppyhood. Starting early makes grooming easier since the beagle already expects everything you need to do, like cleaning the teeth and ears.

For a beagle’s double coat, you need to remove the loose undercoat by using a good quality bristle brush or rubber grooming mitt to get through the outer coat. You may also use a hound glove. Brush to remove the dead hair at least once every week, but increase brushing to three times a week during springtime when the beagle starts shedding off its winter coat.

Bathe Regularly

Bathing gets rid of dead hair too. So, regular bathing at least 4 weeks apart can help control shedding. It also removes dirt and oil while ensuring that your beagle smells nice for a good cuddle. However, be sure that you are using a good dog shampoo for bathing. Otherwise, it can dry your dog’s skin, which can lead to excessive shedding.

Nutrition and Supplements

A malnourished dog cannot keep its coat healthy and strong. Your beagle’s diet plays an important role in keeping its coat full of vigor. Giving your pooch high-quality and well-balanced nutrition allows it to maintain the optimal wellness of both skin and coat.

Look for good dog food and supplements rich in omega fatty acids. These nutrients help in managing skin and coat conditions. Omega fatty acids are mostly found in fish, flaxseed, and egg products.

Furthermore, including foods and supplements rich in vitamin E, biotin, and folic acid is also helpful in producing healthy coats and skin.

Keep Your Home Clean

As a parent to any pets, you have an extra responsibility of keeping your home clean so that it gives its human occupants and extended pet family members a livable environment to live in.

  • Vacuum at least 3 times a week to remove fallen hairs and dander.
  • Use a lint roller for clothes and furniture.
  • Use removable covers on couches if possible. This allows you to remove and wash them conveniently.
  • Invest in a high-quality high-efficiency particulate air purifier (HEPA filter).


Do not let the smooth and short coat of a beagle fool you. Despite these characteristics, beagles still shed. But that does not mean that you should stay away from this remarkable breed. Even if beagles shed, they are not considered heavy shedders by the American Kennel Club. Hence, you do not need to worry about too much fur in your household.

The playful beagle still makes a good pet if you know how to manage its shedding accordingly. Understanding how beagles shed and knowing its management can help you as a pet parent of this wonderful fur baby. So, do not let a beagle’s shedding capacity offset you from taking it home!

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