Are Shock Collars Waterproof?

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Most dog owners have heard of a shock collar. Many have used one with their dogs or have considered purchasing one for training purposes. They are very handy and can be highly effective if they are used correctly. But are they waterproof? Are they safe to be used around water?

Let’s take a look at what a shock collar is and answer these questions so you can rest assured that you are keeping your pooch safe.

What is a Dog Shock Collar?

A shock collar is a collar that is controlled using a remote control so that you can wirelessly command your dog. Based on the receiver in the collar, you can use the bark collar up to a few hundred feet from you.

In spite of its name, the thought behind a shock collar is not to shock your pooch. You are meant to use it sparingly, only using the static mode as a last resort. Until that point, you should try using alternative communication methods with your pup.

A shock collar is fitted on your dog much like a normal collar is worn around your dog’s neck. It should be snug but not tight. You must be able to fit your index and middle fingers between the skin on your dog’s neck and the shock collar.

What is a Dog Shock Collar

The Difference Between Waterproof and Water Resistant Shock Collars

Waterproofing is a big concern for most dog owners. Although you are only putting the collar on your pup when training them, this may be at a park, the beach, around a lake, or in your yard near the swimming pool. And, as we all know, dogs love water and will jump into it the first chance they get.

If your shock collar does not come with waterproof features, you may be looking for trouble further down the road.

Waterproof is defined as a collar that can be put in water and submerged as it would be when your dog is swimming. What this means is that your dog can wear the collar while playing outside in rain, wetlands, beaches, swimming pools, oceans, and swamps.

A water-resistant shock collar is different than a waterproof unit as it can only be used for light water activities like rainy conditions or in shallow waters where it does not get submerged. It can withstand some splashing. The easiest way to think about it is that smartphones are water resistant – you can get some water on them, but they can’t be submerged.

How Do Shock Collars Work

How Do Shock Collars Work?

A shock collar is a training method that was introduced in the 1960s when training hunting dogs. Today, we used shock collars to train dogs out of a variety of unwanted behaviors, from food aggression to excessive barking as well as training puppies to stay close when you take them off their leash, and staying within your property limits.

A shock collar is not meant to be used for punishment, but rather as a deterrent for unsafe or negative behavior. The theory behind it is that your pup will learn to associate the bad actions with a negative response and will stop doing it.

The shock in a shock collar has been tested to be safe for your beloved pooch. It is enough to draw your dog’s attention and stop negative behaviors, but it will not harm them physically.

Do You Need a Waterproof Shock Collar?

You definitely do not want to have to remove your pup’s shock collar every time it rains or you go near water, so you should always choose a model that has at the very least a water-resistant receiver.

If you will be training your dog near bodies of water or you want them to be able to enjoy swimming in between your training sessions, then rather opt for a unit that it completely waterproof.

It is important to note that most dog shock collars include a transmitter that is only water-resistant, which is fine for general use. But you will want to be careful when your dog is wearing it around the swimming pool or at the beach to ensure it does not get submerged in water.


Most shock collars are water-resistant, but there are some available on the market that are completely waterproof. While this is not a standard feature in most shock collars, it is well worth searching for if your dog is a swimmer or if you plan to train them near water.

If you do not plan on letting your pup wear it near bodies of water, then a water-resistant option should be sufficient. Just know that there are shock collars that are waterproof if you are prepared to rather be safe than sorry and spend a bit more.

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