Elecane Dog Bark Collar Review

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Quick Overview






  • Adjustable bark collar
  • None electric shocks
  • Rechargeable


  • Not suited for some dogs
  • Might startle some pets

Do you have a dog that you love oh so dearly, but it just won’t keep quiet? Yes, dogs can be quite the nuisance sometimes, especially if you have one that never stops barking. Some dogs just bark at anything and everything including neighbors that walk by the house, cars, the mailman, and sometimes they even just bark for no reason inside of the house. If this sounds like your dog, and you don’t know what to do anymore, it might be time to look into getting a dog bark collar such as the Elecane Dog Bark Collar.

Elecane Dog Bark Collar Review

Today we are here to review the Elecane Dog Bark Collar, which is a fairly inexpensive and humane option to go with. This is a collar you’d get for a dog that just won’t quit barking, such as a small dog. It’s easy to use, affordable, and it definitely will not hurt your pet Fido.

Who is this product for?

The Elecane Dog Bark Collar is intended for people who have dogs that just won’t stop barking. This is especially the case if you live in an urban or residential neighborhood where the neighbors have just a had enough of the noise. Moreover, the Elecane Dog Bark Collar is intended for smaller breeds of dogs, not for larger ones, so just keep that in mind. Finally, it is a humane option, and one that does not use electrical shocks to silence your dog, but instead uses vibrations.

What’s included?

There are a few things included when you purchase the Elecane Dog Bark Collar. Of course, you get the vibration box with the prongs, plus you get the collar itself, which is made quite durable. What is also cool is that you get five colored faceplates that you can swap out. They are bright and very easy to see, which is a bonus. Moreover, here you also get a training book or instruction manual on how to use the Elecane Dog Bark Collar. You also get the charging cable, but beware that it does not come with the wall plug for charging.

Overview of features

The Elecane Dog Bark Collar is a pretty neat option to keep in mind for a variety of reasons. As we mentioned before, this is a humane option to go with, one that does not use shocks to correct barking. Instead, it uses a series of vibrations to alert your dog that it should stop barking. It has seven levels of correction, with the first one being a simple warning. The vibrations will then increase in frequency and intensity until the dog stops barking. It really does not get any easier than that. It’s humane, it won’t hurt your dog, and it is actually shown to work.

What you might also like about the Elecane Dog Bark Collar is that it comes with a long lasting rechargeable battery. It should last for at least a few days, but of course, it does depend on the frequency in which it is activated. To charge it, simply plug it in using the included USB charging cable. Charging only takes a couple of hours.

Furthermore, the Elecane Dog Bark Collar is made to be quite durable; it comes with a fully adjustable collar that will fit dogs with neck sizes between 6 and 24 inches, so it should fit most small and medium size dogs. The collar is made to be tough, not to mention that the Elecane Dog Bark Collar itself is also waterproof.


The Elecane Dog Bark Collar is actually very easy to use. There is not much to it. First, just fit the collar around the neck of your small dog, ensuring that it is fairly tight, but not too tight. Then, when the Elecane Dog Bark Collar is fully charged, simply turn it on. When your dog barks, it will correct it using those vibrations. It will keep increasing in frequency until the dog stops barking. For more information, we would recommend reading the included instruction manual.


If you are not a huge fan of the option we just looked at, you could always check out the JANNIK REGIROCK 2019 Upgrade Version Barking Control Collar. This product is a bit more expensive, but it does also come with a higher level of durability, it can fit larger dogs, and yes, it does include a shock mode for extreme barking cases.


All in all, the Elecane Dog Bark Collar is an option that we would definitely recommend if you have a small dog that just won’t stop barking at all hours of the day and night. It doesn’t cost too much, yet actually manages to bring a certain level of durability to the table. It’s totally rechargeable, it won’t hurt your pet, and when it comes to stopping all of that noise, it should by all means do the trick just fine.

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