Petyeah Dog Bark Collar Review

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Quick Overview






  • Water-Resistant
  • Adjustable collar strap
  • Auto power protect mode


  • Short battery life

Are you at your wits end with a dog that just won’t keep quiet no matter what? If you need something to get your dog to stop barking, a dog bark collar like the Petyeah Dog Bark Collar might be something to look into.

Petyeah Dog Bark Collar Review

Today we are here to review the Petyeah Dog Bark Collar, which is a moderately price dog bark collar with the intent of getting your pooch to stop barking at all hours of the day and night. It’s affordable, it is durable, and it works as advertised.

Who is this product for?

The Petyeah Dog Bark Collar is a great tool to have in your dog training arsenal if you have a dog that just won’t stop barking. It does come with a shock mode, which can be turned on or off, so this is something you would get for a worst case scenario, for a dog that just won’t respond to any other anti-bark methods. It works for pretty much all sizes of dog and really does not take any extra knowledge to use.

What’s included?

When you purchase the Petyeah Dog Bark Collar, you get the collar itself, which is a very durable dog bark collar with a solid shell, one that is waterproof. You also get a rechargeable battery and the USB charger for easy charging. The nylon collar itself is also durable, plus it includes a reflective strip to ensure safety.

Overview of features

The Petyeah Dog Bark Collar is a great option to go with for a variety of reasons. For one, the Petyeah Dog Bark Collar comes with a highly durable nylon strap. It should be more than tough enough to withstand any dog and the punishment it will put the collar through. Moreover, the Petyeah Dog Bark Collar also comes with a reflective strip to help keep your dog safe and visible in low light conditions. Also, the collar is very easy to adjust in terms of size and should be able to fit most dogs between 6 and 150 pounds.

What is really nice about the Petyeah Dog Bark Collar is that it comes with a rechargeable battery, which is much better than always having to change batteries. This product will last for about 10 days on a single charge, it can be charged via the easy to use USB slot, and it only takes 3 hours to charge. It’s pretty convenient. What we would also like to mention about the Petyeah Dog Bark Collar is that it is built to be very durable. The casing of the bark box itself is very tough, and it does have a great waterproof rating so it won’t break if it gets wet.

The Petyeah Dog Bark Collar comes with a special vibration and sound detection mechanism which detects when your dog barks. It is pretty smart in the sense that it recognizes your dog’s bark, and can distinguish between dogs. In other words, it should not go off on your dog when another dog barks.

The most important part here is of course how the Petyeah Dog Bark Collar works to stop your dog from barking. It comes with two modes. The first mode is a beep and vibration mode. This is ideal for dogs that are quick on the pickup and should understand fairly fast. There are 5 intensity levels to choose from, so you can adjust it depending on how responsive your dog is.

Furthermore, the second mode here is a beep, vibration, and shock mode. No, not all people like to use shock collars as some consider them to be inhumane, but in this case, the shock is not all that strong, and sometimes there is just no other viable option left. Here, the shock will get a bit stronger each time your dog barks, up to 6 barks, and will then sleep for a couple of minutes and reset at the beginning. For all intents and purposes, this is quite effective.


Using the Petyeah Dog Bark Collar is really not very hard. First off, just adjust the collar to fit your dog. Now, start off with the beep/vibration mode on the lowest sensitivity. If it does not work as planned, keep turning the sensitivity up. If this still does not work, switch to the beep/vibration/shock mode, and this should do the trick.


If you are not a fan of shock collars, you can always check out the LOVATIC Dog Bark Collar, which only uses vibrations and sound.


The Petyeah Dog Bark Collar is a pretty good option to go with to stop dogs from barking. Yes, it does come with a shock mode, so it is probably best as a last resort, but it will get the job done.

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