Top 8 Exclusive Canadian Golden Retriever Facts and Care Tips

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Golden Retrievers have many variations and subcategories depending on the country where they come from. The Canadian Golden Retriever, though somewhat similar, still differs from American and British Golden Retrievers.

Despite the differences, however, the Canadian Golden Retriever is still a wonderful pet to have. You get to cuddle with them as they share a lovely temperament.

Unfortunately, facts about Canadian Golden Retrievers are scarce. But here, we compiled the basics that you need to know should you ever decide to get this type of Retriever.

Canadian Golden Retriever Has Shorter and Thinner Coat

If you are observant enough, you will notice that the coats of a Canadian Golden Retriever are different from its American and British cousins.

The Canadian dog has shorter and thinner coats with less feathering than the other two breeds. The golden coat can be of varying shades as well, which are mostly darker than an American Golden Retriever.

However, it can also be very light to the point that it looks creamy. The coats require regular brushing to keep your dog’s hair in the best possible condition.

Golden Retriever Sitting on the Cliff

Canadian Standard Size Shares Similarities with American Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever Club of America and Canada claim that there is just one breed of the Golden Retriever, so there should be no sub-types. What makes each of them unique is the standard size.

The American and Canadian standard sizes are technically the same (except for the weight of female Retrievers) as opposed to the British Standard Size.

The standard size for a male Canadian Golden Retriever is 23 to 24 inches in height and 65 to 75 lbs in weight. Meanwhile, the females can grow from 21.5 to 22.5 inches in height and weigh around 60 to 70 lbs.

Physical Appearance

Canadian Golden Retrievers have broad and well-defined heads. They also exhibit dark and slightly tapered eyes. The ears of the Canadian Golden are set further back on the head.

Unfortunately, the ears are prone to infection. You can prevent this from occurring by keeping a regular schedule for ear cleaning.

The Canadian Kennel Club describes the chest of a Canadian Golden Retriever as “at least as wide as a man’s hand.”

Meanwhile, the neck is medium long and slopes back to the back. This gives the Retriever a sturdy and muscular appearance.

Lifespan is 11 to 12 years

You can make the most of your time with a Canadian Golden Retriever. Accidents or underlying conditions aside, this dog breed has a life expectancy of 11 to 12 years. Make sure that you take care of them during their lifetime.

If you do, some Retrievers can surpass the expected timeline and live for even more than 12 years. The oldest Golden Retriever known to man is August, also referred to as Augie, who amazingly turned 20 years old last year!

Some of the most common health problems that Goldens may suffer from, which limit their lifespan, are the following:

High-Level Energy and Requires a Lot of Exercise

The Canadian Golden Retriever also exhibits high energy. So, this dog breed is definitely not for a lazy owner. To prevent the dog from being destructive, it needs to release its energy through daily exercise.

You have to make time to bring your dog on long walks, running, and playing in the park. Most Golden pet parents will take their dogs out for a walk twice daily.

There are many different activities that a Golden Retriever can enjoy. Aside from the usual daily walks, you can take your Golden hunting and hiking.

These activities will help your dog to release its pent-up energy since there are many things to do as they love the role of hunting dog.

But when outdoor activities are not possible, you may opt to let your Golden Retriever dog use a treadmill indoors to channel its energy somewhere.

One of the best activities that Goldens also enjoy is swimming. So, take your pooch the next time you hit the beach! They are naturals in the water and would love to take a dip with you.

Person Standing with Dog

Goldens Have a Playful Personality

No one can resist a Golden’s personality. They have won the hearts of many because of their extremely social demeanor. Just like all Retrievers, a Canadian Golden Retriever makes a good family pet too.

Goldens love to interact with humans because of their extroverted personalities. They also love to play with kids a lot, making them a good companion for all ages.

A Canadian Golden Retriever can be soft and gentle with babies and toddlers. However, because Golden Retrievers are always so excited, they can play hard with older kids and adults.

Their playful personality also extends to strangers. Though Goldens can bark loudly when intruders come into the house, they will make a playmate out of them instead of scaring them away.

So, if thieves come to your house, a Golden will not make a great guard dog because of how sociable and loving they are.

Clingy Canadian Golden Retriever

One of the clingiest dogs is Golden Retrievers. Hence, you couldn’t leave them alone for long periods of time. Otherwise, they will feel sad, anxious, and stressed. Separation anxiety from their pet parents is too much for these canines.

If not properly trained, Goldens can be destructive and chew on your stuff. They can bark a lot, too, when under stress. But with proper training and precaution, you can leave your Golden for some time to go to work and do your errands.

A Canadian Golden Retriever Sheds a Lot

When we say a lot, we mean A LOT! The amazing golden locks of Goldens amaze a lot of people, but they can also annoy pet parents and cleaners the most!

Having a Golden, regardless of type, in your home means you have to expect a lot of dog hairs everywhere. That is because Golden Retrievers are natural shedders.

They shed even more during spring and fall since they have to get rid of their undercoats to keep them cool as the temperature warms.

If you worry about shedding, you can check out this particular article intended for managing Golden Retriever shedding.


A Canadian Golden Retriever may differ slightly from the American and British breeds. However, it mostly shares the same innate traits as its other-country cousins. A Golden Retriever makes a wonderful companion and family pet.

If you are looking for one, make sure that you have enough time to spend around this lovely pooch. Not only will they need a lot of exercise and maintenance care, but they also need tender, loving care from you.

Being a medium-large-sized dog, the average lifespan of a Canadian Golden Retriever also lies on the average.

But you can help prolong it by ensuring safety protocols such as putting it on a leash when outside and regular vet visits to prevent or early diagnosis of health problems so that proper treatments can be given.

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