The Company of Animals Clicker Dog Trainer Review

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Quick Overview




Ease of Use


  • Volume and tone control
  • Elastic strap
  • Includes a manual/guide


  • Not suitable for some dogs

Dogs are great friends, companions, guardians, and can make for great service animals. With that being said, they do need to be trained well, especially at a young age. One of the best tools for dog training is the clicker, and we are here today to review one specific model.

The Company of Animals Clicker Dog Trainer Review

The Company of Animals Clicker Dog Trainer is a very simple, effective, and low-priced dog training tool. It barely costs anything at all, and it’s a durable tool that creates a clicking noise to help train your pet pooch.

Who is this product for?

If you have a dog that needs training, the Company of Animals Clicker Dog Trainer might be right for you. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog that could use some refresher lessons, the Company of Animals Clicker Dog Trainer makes for a really simple dog training tool that can be used by anyone and for any dog out there.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Company of Animals Clicker Dog Trainer, you get a battery-powered dog clicker with a plastic body and a rubber edge. It’s a fairly durable clicker, one that comes with volume control so you can adjust the volume depending on how well your dog listens, and how well it can hear. It also comes with the batteries included.

Overview of features

The Company of Animals Clicker Dog Trainer is one of the better clickers to train dogs out there right now. For one, it comes with a lanyard that makes it highly portable and easy to keep on your person, even when you are not holding it in your hands. The Company of Animals Clicker Dog Trainer is also cool because it comes with a hand-friendly and ergonomic design which makes it comfy and easy to hold for hours on end without causing you to fatigue.

Furthermore, the Company of Animals Clicker Dog Trainer is made with a strong plastic shell which is durable enough to withstand daily use for a few months; it should be more than tough enough to last for the duration of dog training. Moreover, it does come with a little rubber outer rim which also helps to make it highly impact resistant, so even if you drop it, it should stay in one piece.

We also like the Company of Animals Clicker Dog Trainer because of its intuitive volume control feature. This is an electronic dog clicker, one that has a little speaker; instead of a physical clicker, it uses electronics to create the noise. What is nice here is that there is a volume control feature. The quieter volume levels are great if your dog likes to listen to you, but sometimes they don’t listen, in which case you can crank up the volume and really get the attention of Fido. Finally, the buttons are more than large enough to hit with ease so you don’t constantly have to fumble to make the clicking sound.


As is the case with dog clickers, they tend to be very easy to use. They are very effective and straightforward dog training tools. Just start off by giving your dog commands combined with light encouragement.

When the dog finally does what you want, hit the clicker button in order to signify a job well done. This usually goes hand in hand with a dog treat, as this is how they learn to associate the clicking noise with a reward. Once you have created this association between the treat and the clicker, you can stop using the treat, and then eventually stop using the clicker altogether.


In case you are not a fan of the Company of Animals Clicker Dog Trainer, there are alternatives which you can look at. One of our favorite alternatives is the LaZimnInc 2 in 1 Dog Clickers with Whistle.

Whereas the main item we reviewed is electronic, and can therefore run out energy when the battery dies, this LaZimnInc clicker is a physical clicker, so you never have to worry about running out of power. Moreover, this item also comes with an integrated dog whistle, so if the clicker does not get the job done, you can try the whistle.


All in all, we think that the Company of Animals Clicker Dog Trainer is a fantastic dog training tool to keep in mind. It does not cost much, it is durable, and it has an adjustable volume feature to ensure that your dog always hears the click no matter what.

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