Orvis Dog Beds

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When it’s time to upgrade your mattress, you probably spend a lot of time choosing the best one. So why wouldn’t you do the same for your dog?

After all, many dog owners consider their pets to be part of the family.

Here are a few Orvis dog beds to consider so that your dog can get the same good sleep you do without taking up space on your bed.

Top 5 Orvis Dog Beds

Here are the top choices for Orvis dog beds.

Memory Foam Wraparound Dog Bed with Fleece

The Memory Foam Wraparound Dog Bed with Fleece from Orvis features a 3.5-inch memory foam pad. Its design is perfect for a dog’s shape, and it can distribute your dog’s weight evenly. That distribution helps improve circulation, relieve pressure points, and cushion joints.

Your dog can rest their head on the side of the bed, or they can curl up and use the memory foam. The fabric surface won’t pill or rip, even as your dog uses it.

This dog bed has CertiPUR-US certification, and you can remove the cover to wash it. That way, you can keep the bed clean as your dog sheds on it. You can choose between colors like green and brown, so you can match the dog bed to the rest of the room.

This dog bed also comes in different sizes. The small can fit dogs up to 40 pounds, and the medium and large fit up to 60 and 90 pounds, respectively.


  • Comfortable memory foam
  • Durable cover
  • Secure wraparound sides
  • Soft materials
  • Different sizes


  • Somewhat bulky
  • May be hard for some dogs to get on and off

Comfortfill-eco Wraparound Dog Bed with Fleece

Another wraparound bed from Ovis is the Comfortfill-eco Wraparound Dog Bed with Fleece. It has a similar design to the memory foam bed, but it uses a different cushion. The Comfortfill-Eco cushion uses polyester fill that won’t shift or clump with use.

Your dog can rest their head on the side, or they can lay in the middle of the bed. The sleep surface material is soft and durable, so it can handle anything your dog does on it. Microsuede outer fabric on the bed is durable, and you can wash it if it gets dirty.

The oval shape doesn’t take up a ton of space, but it gives your dog plenty of room to relax. You can put the bed wherever it’s most convenient in your home.

This dog bed comes in different colors, including blue, green, and brown. You can also choose from small, medium, and large sizes for dogs up to 40,60 and 90 pounds.


  • Durable fabric
  • Flexible fill
  • Comfortable for dogs
  • Many ways to sleep
  • Different sizes


  • Not memory foam
  • Somewhat expensive

Comfortfill-eco Couch Dog Bed

Orvis ComfortFill-Eco Couch Dog Bed
  • Two stacked bolsters create more space for your dog to lean into, and refuse to cave in or flop over under your dog's weight, increasing their sense of security and comfort
  • The deep, removable cushion creates a supportive nook for your dog and is constructed to stay securely in place
  • Piping along the bolster edges ensures that this bed will look great among your home furniture
  • Large 41½" x 31½" outside dimensions, dogs 60-90 lbs
  • Easy care—simply unzip to remove and toss in your home washing machine

If your dog likes the feel of sleeping on a couch, you can get them the Comfortfill-eco Couch Dog Bed. It uses two stacked bolsters to support your dog, and the bolsters won’t cave in or flip over. You can even remove one of the cushions to give your dog a deeper sleeping nook.

The dog bed has piping on the bolster edges, so it looks similar to other couches and chairs. That way, it will look good in your living room or bedroom.

You can take off the cover to wash it, so you can keep the bed in good condition for longer. The large size couch bed can fit up to 90 pounds, so it’s great for one large dog or two small dogs.

This bed also comes in small and medium sizes, which are great in smaller spaces. And no matter the size, you can choose between brown and black, and you can personalize the bed with your dog’s name.


  • Solid structure
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Different sizes
  • Looks like a small couch


Comfortfill-eco Round Dog’s Nest

The Comfortfill-eco Round Dog’s Nest is an excellent option if you want a more traditional dog bed. It is a flat circle without any bolsters that raise the sides. That makes it good if your dog has trouble getting in or out of other dog beds.

The flat design also allows your dog to spread out over the entire bed. They won’t have to worry about feeling stuck by the sides.

Still, the polyester cushion is comfortable and won’t clump or flatten. The cotton twill cover can handle your dog’s shedding and other messes, and you can wash the cover. It has faux leather trim that’s durable and looks good in your home.

You can choose between four sizes. The small bed fits dogs up to 25 pounds, and the medium fits up to 40. A large bed can hold up to 70 pounds, while the extra-large can fit up to 110 pounds.


  • Simple design
  • Comfortable material
  • Supportive polyester fill
  • No restrictive sides
  • Various sizes


  • Not many color choices

Comfortfill-eco Platform Dog’s Nest

The Comfortfill-eco Platform Dog’s Nest is another simple dog bed, but it’s a rectangle rather than a circle. This design has been around for over 40 years, and it’s a classic among dog beds in general. It’s great for dogs who like to stretch out when they sleep.

This bed has a cotton twill cover that you can wash when it starts to get dirty. Then, you can extend the bed’s lifespan and keep your dog comfortable. The bed also won’t collapse, and the cushion is plump and springy.

It has faux leather trim that makes the bed look good among your other furniture. The trim also helps keep your dog from tearing at the seams on the bed.

You can choose between brown and blue, and it comes in different sizes. The small, medium and large beds fit up to 40, 60, and 90 pounds, respectively.


  • Durable cover
  • Washable
  • Flexible sleeping options
  • Various sizes
  • Looks good


  • No side support

The Best Orvis Dog Beds

Choosing a dog bed is essential for your dog. Dog’s sleep a lot, and they need a comfortable, durable place for that. Orvis dog beds provide support and comfort for your dog, so they can get the rest they need.

All of these dog beds make great choices for you and your dog. You can consider if your dog likes to sleep on a flat surface or if they want a higher edge. Then, you can choose the best Orvis dog bed for your pup.

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