POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar Review

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POP VIEW Bark Collar Version Humanely Stops Barking Sound Vibration. NO Shock, Harmless Humane. Small Dog Bark Collar, Medium Dog Bark Collar
  • Humanely silence your dog's annoying barking without painful, anxiety-causing shocks. Dogbark Intelligent no bark dog collar uses Painless sound and vibration stimuli to deter unwanted, annoying barking.
  • No shock unit detects movement of your dog's vocal chords. It then emits Audible warning beeps that are followed by vibrations if the barking continues. Your dog will quickly and easily associate these with his barking.
  • Universal size is adjustable for your dog's neck. Suitable for all breeds and sizes, This anti bark collar can be worn indoors and outdoors for training consistency.
  • All-weather nylon web collar is impervious to rain, snow and temperatures up to 450 F degrees. Dual-retention plastic buckle requires 2 points of pressure to unlock, ensuring that the collar remains on your dog.
  • 30 day money back Guarantee ensures your satisfaction. If our no-shock dog barking collar doesn't restore peace to your home, return it for a 100% refund of your purchase price. If your dog is very stubborn, the vibration mode is not strong enough for your dog. You can try the shock bark collar.

Dogs are great to have around. After all, they provide us with companionship, friendship, safety, and entertainment. There is a reason why they are called man’s best friend. However, this is not to say that dogs cannot be annoying and do not have behavioral issues, especially when it comes to barking. Dogs can be very loud and some bark a lot, and likely, you have tried to train your dog to stop barking.

Maybe you have even gotten professional advice, but nothing has helped. Luckily for you, this is the reason why they invented dog bark collars such as the POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar, and it’s for trouble cases, for dogs that just won’t keep quiet.

POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar Review

The POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar is a cost-effective model that won’t drain your bank account. Moreover, this is what is known as a humane dog bark collar because it uses a combination of sound and vibration to correct barking, but it will not shock your dog. We like this, especially for dogs that have never had a bark collar before. For most cases, the combination of beeping and vibrations should be enough to put an end to the incessant barking.

Who is this product for?

The POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar is intended for anybody that has a dog that just will not stop barking. A barking dog, especially in the city, can be a really big problem; you might not mind that much, but your neighbors and their sleeping kids certainly will. The POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar is a great item to get for anybody who has a dog that has already gone through some training, but still keeps barking at anything and everything, from the mailman and random people going past your home to birds, squirrels, and whatever else.

The POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar is a humane dog bark collar, which means that it does not include a shock function, so it is something you would get if you are not a fan of the shock collars. However, be aware that shock collars are often used as last resorts when collars like the POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar don’t do the trick.

What’s included?

When you purchase the POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar, you get the dog bark collar itself, which includes 4 vibration prongs that come with comfort nodes so your dog does not feel uncomfortable while wearing it. There is also a durable and adjustable nylon band. Finally, you also get a pair of batteries which the POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar needs to operate. Be aware that the POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar is not rechargeable and uses disposable batteries.

Overview of Features

The POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar is quite a simple item. First of all, the POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar comes with a progressive anti-bark feature. It has 7 different levels of corrections, and each time your dog barks, the intensity of the corrections will increase accordingly. The POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar starts off with the lightest corrections, and if your dog keeps barking anyway, the intensity of those corrections will steadily increase until they reach the maximum intensity.

Keep in mind that this is not a shock collar, so the corrections here come in the form of a combination of beeping sounds and distracting vibrations. For most dogs, especially those with pretty short fur, this works just fine. What is really nice about this POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar is that you can adjust the sensitivity. This means that you can set this bark collar to correct your dog based on different levels of barking.

You might be fine with an occasional and fairly quiet bark, so you could turn the sensitivity down. However, if the dog barks a whole lot, you can turn the sensitivity up so the POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar activates more often.

Other than that, there is really not all that much to say about this collar. It uses disposable batteries, so there is no need to charge it, but when the batteries run out, which happens pretty quickly, you will need to replace them. Also, the POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar is fairly durable, at least as far as motion and impact is concerned, but be aware that it is not waterproof, so your dog cannot go swimming with it on.


Before you go and put the dog bark collar on your pet, be sure that you know how to use it. The POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar is a very simple item. You simply turn it on, select the intensity, and let it do its job. It’s really quite straightforward and simple. Just be sure that the batteries are charged. However, if you want to know more about how to use a dog bark collar the right way, you can take a look at the videos which we have included below.



  • Not very effective for long haired dogs
  • Not waterproof


Dog Bark Collar - Upgraded 3 Step Anti Bark Collar's Modes [Beep, Vibration, and Shock], Rainproof Shock Bark Collar, Rechargeable for Small/Medium/Large Dogs, Red
  • 【PRACTICAL FUNCTION】- Anti Bark Collar is specially designed with 4 buttons: power, vibration, shock, and sensitivity. Shock and vibration mode with 7-level sensitivity adjustment will help your dog understand that barking triggers vibrations and beeps. Your dog can easily be taught to stop barking to pervent irritating sounds and vibrations.
  • 【FLEXIBLE SIZE】- Whether your dog is a poodle or a larger labrador, our no bark collar is designed for them. The vibrating bark collar is suitable for dogs ranging from 15 pounds to 150 pounds and ranges from 7.4 inches to 23.5 inches in circumference. Adjustable length ensures maximum comfort for your dog while sound and vibration stimuli attracts their attention.
  • 【HUMANE DESIGN】- If you are worried that the shock will scare the dog, just set to level 0 to stop it. The same applies to the vibration function. If you want to use the vibration function, you can start with the weakest level of 1 to verify that the dog can withstand it. There are two conductive silica gel on the electrostatic impact which prevent dogs from barking but do no harm to them. This extra large bark collar is a carefree anti-bark device.
  • 【ECO-FRIENDLY & SAFE】 - The rechargeable dog training collar has renowned RHoS, CE & FCC certification which means it 100% safe for dogs. Moreover, the no bark collars have an auto-protection system. If the dog does not stop barking after seven cycles, the collar will stop in one minute. At the same time, "E" is displayed on the screen. Just press any button to stop.
  • 【RECHARGEABLE AND RAINPROOF】 - Built-in USB charging line for 1 hour to provide you a use time of 14-20 days. Now you can walk the dog at any time, because the rainproof device works well even in wet weather; but is not suitable for swimming.

So, the POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar does have a couple of problems, mainly that it is not waterproof, it cannot be charged, and for some people, you might not like that it is missing the shock feature. If you need something that does have all of these features, you could check out the D-Collar Dog Bark Collar which is still affordable, but also comes with a shock feature, a chargeable battery, and is waterproof too.


If you have a dog that just won’t keep quiet, it is a smaller dog, and you are a fan of super humane correction options, then the POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar is something you might want to look into.

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