What Does a Bark Collar Do to a Dog?

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These special collars are designed to keep your dog from barking if it has a tendency to bark all day/night. There are a few different types of these anti-bark collars that use different methods to keep the dog from barking.

Some of these methods used in anti-bark collars are regarded by many people as inhumane to the dogs. On the other hand, you may need one of these bark collars to minimize complaints being filed against you and your dog.

There are those who support using these collars, and there are those against them. Let’s see what the fuss is about with these anti-bark collars for dogs who bark excessively.

First, let’s have a look at the different types of bark collars for dogs.

Static Anti-Bark Collars

These bark collars, previously known as shock collars, are the most popular among pet owners. A short static interruption pulse sends a tingling sensation via the probes onto the dog’s skin. This will get the dog’s attention by startling it and interrupting its barking.

The static bark collars can be adjusted to different levels of sensitivity and are very effective for training young dogs. With this type of control, you can use a more sensitive level in the beginning, and work up to a higher level if needed.

Some static collars come with a variety of features for better control and training of the dog. Then, there are the more advanced anti-bark collars that will automatically sense the barking frequencies and set the sensitivity levels accordingly.

This feature is especially good if your dog is alone at home during the day with nobody to control them. Most people prefer the static anti-bark collar because of the better results you get when using this item.

These collars do not shock the dog but rather send a static pulse to the skin that is very effective. The different levels of sensitivity are safe for your dog and do no harm. Instead, they are rather useful and help train your dog.

Vibration Collars

This type of anti-bark collar is used to send an interruptive vibration to the skin when barking is detected. This will not send a static pulse but only vibration. When the dog feels it, it will stop barking. It is safe to use this method because the dog is in no way harmed.

This device only interrupts the barking. With this bark collar, you have a wide range of sensitivities to choose from, but it is not always effective. Not that many models of these bark collars are available because they are not as effective as the static collars.

Many people consider the vibrating bark collar as a more humane method to replace the static pulse collar, though. The problem is that some dogs do not notice the vibration or just ignore it and keep on barking.

The vibration bark collar can be remotely activated and comes with different levels of sensitivity for more willful dogs. This bark collar can also be very effective for timid dogs and may help them with their training.

The vibrating anti-bark collar has two prongs that are in contact with the dog’s skin and may irritate it. It is advised that the collar be rotated every 4 hours to prevent the prongs from irritating the skin.

The Spray Anti-Bark Collars

These collars work with a burst of liquid spray that is squirted in the vicinity of the dog’s snout. This interruption will startle the dog and interrupt its barking as soon as it is detected. There are a variety of liquid mixtures used in this type of bark collar.

These mixtures may vary from water to citronella. The moment the detector that is attached to the dog collar detects barking, it will squirt the liquid. This spray is harmless to animals and humans, as well as to the environment.

Also, it can effectively control your dog’s barking. The sensors work with a microphone that picks up that the dog is going to bark, and the sprayer is activated. Some studies showed that the spray anti-bark collar is 40% more effective than the static pulse bark collar.

The problem with this type of bark collar is that the liquid may run out, and it will then be ineffective. This is still a very effective way of helping to stop your dog from barking by using discipline training.

The Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Collar

This collar uses a high-pitched sound that is not detectable to the human ear, but it gets the dog’s attention. Some ultrasonic bark collars also use a vibration as an added training method when barking is sensed. These types of bark collars can be attached to the collar around the dog’s neck, or they can be remotely activated.

This bark collar sensor can be installed in a central position, and it will detect barking within a 50-meter radius. These sensors are called bark control units, and they monitor the whole area. As soon as barking is detected, it will send out the high-pitched sound to interrupt all barking.

This is very effective if more than one dog is to be trained and kept from being a nuisance with their barking. This is a more humane bark collar since you don’t need to put the sensor against the skin. Most sensors that go against the skin have two probes that may irritate the skin and have to be rotated often.


It is not easy to find the right bark collar, and you may have to try more than one. Every dog reacts differently to different collars, so, to find the right one, you may have to do some research. Sometimes, it is not necessary to use a bark collar. However, at other times, it is essential that you use one. Find the right collar that suits your dog and you.

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